• Name: Josh Nadin
  • Job title: Cook
  • Joined the team: November 2007

How did you get into your role and come to work for Katharine House?

My mum worked in the accounts team at Katharine house and told me there was a job going for a weekend catering assistant. I then did a few odd jobs around the hospice from gardening and helping with the old furniture shop to cover holiday. Then, in July 2010, I applied for a cook role within the kitchen and to their amazement they found out I could cook! And with a little in-house and college training I am still here today, 16 years on.

What’s a typical day like?

Preparing and cooking the patients’ lunch, while doing the occasional Full English in the morning as well. Serving up the lunches on the ward. Putting deliveries away when they are brought in and making sure the kitchen is kept clean and tidy! Nobody likes a messy kitchen.

What do you wish people knew about hospice care?

That it’s not a scary place to be. Having had a relative recently use the hospice I’ve been able to see both sides of what goes on and how amazing the care team is at making patients feel so at ease.

How does it feel to work for the hospice?

I feel a huge sense of pride being able to provide a fantastic service for people who are going through challenging times. Just trying to produce food that puts smiles on people’s faces gives me great joy.

What makes Katharine House so special?

The peaceful countryside surroundings really make Katharine House special. The gardens are amazing all year round with different flowers coming up and the birds feeding on the bird feeders outside patients’ windows. It just adds the to the tranquil atmosphere the hospice has had for so many years.

Now for some quick-fire questions…

If I had to sum up my role in one sentence, I’d say: Different every day I work, but always the same rewarding feelings.

My highlight since joining Katharine House is: I would say, last year I catered for a wedding for a patient and his wife. Just seeing the smiles on their faces when they saw the food was just amazing.

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: Italy. I’ve been there before but just love the Italian food, culture and history.

My favourite dessert is: Tough one as I do love every dessert – I’ve got a very sweet tooth. But I am also very happy with just an ice cream sundae.

My all-time greatest song is: Green Day – Holiday, it was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar.

If I won the lottery, I would buy: a Ferrari! It’s my dream car. And probably a property by the coast! 

My idea of a perfect day is: spending time with the family and going to theme parks! My children seem to have caught the bug like me and love the thrills.

Without doubt, the best animals are: polar bears – they are the best looking bear by far! 

What’s your proudest moment? I would have to say marrying my wife and that first cuddle with each of my two children, even if I was scared I’d break them!

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: clean up as you go along! Although I can’t seem to do that at home!

My favourite way to unwind is: sat on the sofa with a cup of tea watching TV.

My go-to biscuit is: a dark chocolate digestive.

I’m currently listening to: Scott Mills on Radio 2 in the kitchen at work! 

If I had one superpower, it would be: Flying! I hate planes, so if I could fly myself that might help!