It's Volunteers’ Week! 

In every part of Katharine House, you will find volunteers generously giving up their time to help our hospice. Whether it’s:

  • in our shops
  • at our events
  • on reception
  • supporting our patients in our wards and in Living Well
  • driving patients to appointments
  • providing bereavement support...

the list goes on! We simply could not do what we do without the amazing people who volunteer for us. 

So we want to say a HUGE thank you to every single one of them! Your support makes a massive difference. 

This week, we’ve chosen to focus on our shop volunteers and the reasons they give up their time to support our hospice, and the benefits it brings them.

Say hello to Jonathan!  

Jonathan has been volunteering at our main Banbury shop in Bridge Street every Thursday since 2007. He said “I like volunteering to meet people, and I like to feel useful.”

Our Shop Manager Darren, said: “Jonathan is a wonderful person, always punctual and conscientious. Everyone enjoys seeing him in the shop.”

Thank you, Jonathan, for your commitment and support!  

Across our seven shops, volunteers like Jonathan help to make sure we can keep offering the same great service people have come to know and love. Our volunteers make our shops. 

Meet Sintia and Silvia!

You may recognise Sintia and Silvia from our main Banbury store where they both volunteer for the majority of the week. They told us: “We both lost our mothers to cancer and wanted to do something that would help make sure places like Katharine House could carry on helping people.”  

Shop Manager Darren was full of praise for the pair, and explained: “Their contribution is to the highest standard. They are very diligent and a real asset. Fantastic volunteers!”

Thank you for everything you do Sintia and Silvia!

Introducing husband and wife volunteering team, David and Jen!

The pair have been helping out in our Bicester store for many years and can be found in the book section on Mondays and Tuesdays. They told us: “We both volunteer because we are helping people who are near the end of their life. We also enjoy working at the shop with the friendly and enthusiastic manager and meeting the other volunteers and customers.”

Not only do they coordinate the book donations in store, they also take them home and sell them online. Assistant Manager Julie said: “Every volunteer is brilliant but they take it to the next level with the additional income they bring in through book sales.”

Despite being kept busy pursuing their passion for campanology (bell ringing!) and travel, David and Jen find time to contribute thousands of pounds extra to support our vital fundraising.

Thank you David and Jen, you are volunteer superstars!

Find out more about volunteering at a Katharine House Hospice shop

Could you help make a difference and volunteer in one of our shops? We are looking for volunteers across all our retail stores so we can go on raising vital funds for our hospice.

Maybe you could team up with a friend or family member and volunteer together. It’s a brilliant way of giving back but also comes with lots of benefits. Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress, combat depression and improve physical health. It’s also a great way to learn new skills and meet new people. Plus, you get to work with a brilliant team supporting your local hospice. What’s not to love?

Find out more about how to apply