• Name: Carley Lambourne 
  • Job title: Events and Challenges Officer  
  • Joined the team: June 2021 

How did you get into your role and come to work for Katharine House?

After working in a school for 21 years, I decided I wanted a change of career. Working in events and fundraising just fitted perfectly as I had always been part of the PTA group to raise funds for our school and fundraised to keep our local sports and social club going.

What’s a typical day like?

I am always busy. There’s never a quiet or dull day. 

I love spending time talking to people and persuading them to do challenges they never knew they wanted to do. I have done a lot of these myself too and have put my money where my mouth is! Once someone has signed up to a challenge I will steward them and support them all the way through. 

If I am not talking to people/supporters, I am in my lovely new shed getting bits ready for events. 

What do you wish people knew about hospice care? 

I wish people knew they can access Living Well as soon as they have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and that the hospice is open to everyone. I think some people think it’s private or that you have to be elderly. It’s such a special place, and our care team are amazing at looking after patients and their families. With the clinical team looking after the patient, it takes the burden off families and allows them to focus on making memories and spending time together.  

How does it feel to work for the hospice? 

I feel very privileged to work in such a special place that is held close to so many hearts. I really enjoy what I do and feel that I am also giving something back. Knowing that I am making someone’s life special at the end is enough for me, I don’t need a big wage packet or company car... but a VAN for events would be lovely if anyone wanted to gift us one! 

What makes Katharine House so special? 

The people! 

Now for some quick-fire questions… 

The best thing about my job is: meeting supporters and persuading them to take on a challenge. Please don’t hide from me if you see me coming! 

My highlight since joining Katharine House is: being involved in the Tractor Run, getting us a tractor each year. I always want to go bigger and better every year and TWE made my year last year by joining the convoy with a fully-branded truck... 

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: Oh, hard one so many places to see ... but I would love to go to Hawaii. 

My favourite dessert is: sticky toffee pudding – in the summer with ice cream and custard in the winter. 

My favourite season is: Love them all, I can’t choose. 

If I won the lottery, I would buy: an old, quirky stone house with lots of character and a big garden in Hook Norton. 

People are often surprised when I tell them: I’m 6ft tall ...  

Without doubt, the best animals are: dogs. I have a Cockapoo called Aggie – she's as crazy as me. 

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: trust your instinct.  

My proudest moment was: becoming a mum. 

My favourite way to unwind is: I upcycle furniture, so I love stripping down and painting a new piece.  

When I’m not at work, you will probably find me: in my painting clothes or gardening.   

My go-to biscuit is: none as I prefer cake, but it has to be homemade as it’s got to be worth the calories. 

My all-time favourite film is: "Hey, you guyyyyyys!" It’s got to be The Goonies!  

If I had one superpower, it would be: to be a fly on a wall.  

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want: nothing. Oh, apart from my family and friends. I could see us all on a desert island.