'I meet some wonderful people'

Dina Bentley has been volunteering as a receptionist at the hospice for 25 years. She’s a friendly and welcoming face behind reception, and is often the first point of contact for visitors and telephone calls. She’s also an invaluable part of the Katharine House team.

Over the last quarter of a century Dina’s held a range of shifts on reception, but since retiring she can usually be found  behind the desk on a Wednesday and Friday morning.

We asked her why she volunteers:

'When asked the question “why do you volunteer?" my mind went blank!  Life without volunteering would, to me, be boring. I enjoy being active (anything to avoid housework!) and love contributing in a very small way to the successful running of an organisation.  I don’t earn a salary, but I know that by doing this I am helping to keep the running costs of the Hospice down and this enables that saving to be used for the provision of services instead, and I see that as my contribution, my donation if you like, to the Hospice. I enjoy meeting and helping people at the Hospice, I meet some wonderful people, the patients make me realise how fortunate I am. As I tell people, it’s a win-win situation, I benefit as well as the hospice.'

Dina Bentley, Volunteer Receptionist

Katharine House Hospice