Challenge yourself or take part in a team with your family, friends and colleagues to raise funds for Katharine House Hospice. Whether you are furloughed, home schooling, or still working, Make Every Moment Matter.

We ask each participant to aim to raise £100 as a part of their challenge. If you are fundraising as a group, you may want to increase your sponsorship target.

Get ready: which peaks shall I climb?

Here are some examples of how many steps there are up and down each of these famous peaks:

  • Ben Nevis: 22,000 steps
  • Mont Blanc: 30,000 steps
  • The Three Peaks - Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis: 70,000 steps
  • Mount Everest: 156,000 steps

For those wanting a quicker challenge, or to include younger ones, the Eifell Tower in Paris has 1,700 steps (that's 3,400 to make sure you can get down again once you reach the top!) and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada has 3,500 steps.

Get set: how shall I 'climb' them?

  • Choose your favourite walks with the most hills from your front door - walking 10km = c.13,000 steps.
  • Check out some local beauty spots, the hillier the better (but please be responsible about your choice of walk while lockdown restrictions are in place - local is good! If you want to walk in popular areas, check the website for parking information and busy times before you go). Check out these walking suggestions in the area:
  • Walk or jog a long distance every other day, or shorter distances every day: you could make your challenge last just a few days or over the entire three weeks.
  • Run a competition with friends and family to see who can power through your chosen number of steps the quickest.
  • Walk and talk with a friend for a one-to-one socially distanced challenge.
  • Organise a relay with friends, family or colleagues across a number of days to really make those steps add up: between you, you could aim high and 'climb' two Mount Everests!

If you aren't able to leave your home because you're shielding or self-isolating, you could:

  • Walk up and down a staircase: maybe listening to your favourite podcast or motivational music to help you through the monotony!
  • Set up a walking route around your home and garden: how many circuits would you need to walk or jog to reach your chosen target?


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Thank you!

We really appreciate the time and energy you give to raising funds for Katharine House Hospice. Every penny counts to help us care for people with life-limiting conditions.

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