Get grubby for a good cause and raise money for people facing life-limiting illness. Remember when you splashed in muddy puddles as a child? Why not take on the adult equivalent? Wild runs in mud, through water, and over obstacles are going to be huge in 2020 and they’re a great way to have a blast and raise money for charity at the same time. This year, events like the Wolf Run will be bigger, muddier and more fun than ever, especially when you get together with family, friends and workmates to take on the challenge! See upcoming events below.

The Wolf Run

The Wolf Run is Wild Running - a unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs. Voted the best course in the UK, it’s a hardcore 10km run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud.

Running in a pack, or as a lone wolf, you’ll tackle a series of tough obstacles - both man-made and natural - designed to test your mental & physical strength, skill and stamina. You’ll run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and swim through a course designed to challenge you on every level.

To register:

Sign up at the Wolf Run website and let us know once you’ve secured your place so we can send you your pack.

Other ways to help us raise funds

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