More than ever, we desperately need the help of our community to ensure our vital services continue. It costs more than £4.7m per year to run every element of Katharine House Hospice. This equates to:

  • £91,217 per week
  • £12,995 per day or
  • £541 per hour.

As Katharine House only receives a third of this funding from the NHS, we rely on our local community to help raise money to fund our hospice. Together, we need to fundraise nearly £13,000 each and every day to make sure we can continue to provide our vital care.

Without the support of the community, we couldn’t provide the physiotherapy or social work, the well-being relaxation classes, the specially made home cooked meals, the one-to-one social care, the bereavement support, the arts and crafts, the fun and laughter.

We couldn’t keep the heart of the hospice going without our wonderful network of supporters. We simply wouldn’t exist without the donations you give, the money you raise and the support you provide.

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