“I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018. Then in 2019 I started chemo in Oxford, finishing just after Easter 2019. But I managed to survive the chemo and then in May I had my breast surgery. After a month of recovering I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy. They were quite challenging and most of the time I felt very tired.

I’m now very well, apart from the swelling in my left lower arm and hand, which started last summer. From then up until now I’ve been learning to live with this condition lymphoedema.

I was referred during the coronavirus pandemic to the lyphoedema clinic at Katharine House Hospice and Heidi later last year by my doctor to help my lymphoedema. We use video calls, I started by sending Heidi pictures of my hand to see which parts she could help me with as I’ve only been able to go into the hospice once so far, but we now have face-to-face appointments booked in over the next few weeks, now that normal services are resuming. Heidi would call me every week and then we’d do some measurements and she’d send me some exercises to do and introduced me to compression sleeves. She’s been very supportive, explaining what to do and what she’s expecting to do.

It was so difficult living with cancer during lockdown, but Heidi was amazing with her communication and so supportive. She would say anything that I needed, she was there. If I texted her a message, she would get straight back to me. It was all very reassuring. I had been worrying about what was going on with my cancer, but Heidi tells me that I have a healthy hand and it isn’t something to worry about.

"It was so difficult living with cancer during lockdown, but Heidi was amazing with her communication and so supportive."

And now with the support I’m getting from Heidi I find my hand is becoming easier to use and lighter. It’s so good to have someone to talk to about my condition, and we’re just hoping that it will stay comfortable now and the rest of the fluid will drain off.”

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