Welcome to Living Well at Katharine House.

We know that when you’re affected by a serious illness you will have your own wellbeing and support needs, whether you’re a patient, carer, family member or someone who has experienced a bereavement. Katharine House is here to support you with the things that you need during such a time of change and need.

Our Living Well Service provides a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where you can come for advice, support and to meet people in a similar position to yourself.

Who can come to the Living Well Centre? 

If you are already a Katharine House patient, you might be referred to the Living Well Service by a district nurse, GP, Katharine House community nurse, or other healthcare professional.

You can also self-refer for the café and general support sessions, and you’re welcome to explore our Living Well Service by coming along to one of our drop-in activities.

Whilst most activities are offered to support patients and families already known to our community nursing team, and those who are at an earlier stage of illness, some activities – such as the weekly health walks and choir – are also open to the public.

Our team will be happy to talk things over with you by phone or in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.


What’s on offer?

When you come to the Living Well Service, you’ll be able to talk to and join activities led by our professional team of skilled volunteers. Some of the activities include:

  • relaxation
  • creative writing
  • art and crafts
  • carers café
  • chapel services
  • quizzes and puzzles
  • complementary therapy (massage)
  • hairdressing
  • Friday health walks
  • Assisted jacuzzi bathing
  • family history exploration

Many of these activities run as drop-in sessions and you do not need to book; however, some require booking in advance. Please download the Living Well programme for more information.

Wherever possible, the Living Well activities are offered free of charge although we do gratefully accept donations and on occasion a small voluntary charge may be requested.

Some sessions will offer light, freshly-cooked meals or refreshments prepared by our kitchen and available for a small cost, and we may make a small charge for transport provision.


Looking after you as an individual

We’re here to help you with the things that matter to you, so if for example, you’d like to seek support from our social worker, or talk to our chaplain, we can arrange it for you. 

Whether you are a patient, a carer or someone who has been bereaved we want to support you as an individual at a time of transition and need.

When you visit the Living Well Centre we encourage you to identify what will help you most; Whether it’s being in the company of others and enjoying a chat, or simply finding a quiet space where you can sit and relax, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.

You may be coming for specific activities or for more general support to discuss any worries you have or goals you would like to achieve. If your concerns involve physical symptoms we will need to ask your permission to access your medical history from your GP before we can give any advice.


Practical points about your care

Your GP will remain your main medical advisor while you come to Living Well and will be responsible for prescribing medicines. 

If you have specialist or complex symptoms we can organise for one of our team of specialist doctors to assess and advise in liaison with your GP.


Coming to Living Well

If you’re apprehensive or unsure whether coming to Living Well is right for you, you are very welcome to drop in for a cup of tea and a chat to find out more. Please do feel free to come to a drop-in café with family or friends to help you decide if this is the level of support that is right for you at this time.

Your comfort and safety is important to us, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have before you or during come or during your visit.

If you have no transport and no independent way of getting to Katharine House, we may be able to help with the practicalities of coming to Living Well by providing a volunteer driver occasionally for a small voluntary cost. If you would like help with transportation, please ask about our volunteer driver service at your first visit.


Get in touch

Telephone: 01295 811 866

Email: [email protected]