Midnight Walk Conditions of Entry

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they are the terms on which the contract between you and ‘the Organiser’, Katharine House Hospice (Katharine House) will operate (The Agreement.) they comprise the rules of entry into The Midnight Walk and are what you have agreed to when entering.

The event: The Event is a Midnight Walk which takes place between 10.30pm-5am on 7 July 2018. You have the choice of entering in the 10 mile walk or the 6 mile walk. Full details of the Event, including the itinerary, associated services, and joining instructions are set out on ‘the Event Website’ – www.khh.org.uk/midnight  and a registration pack will be sent to all walkers.

Entry fee: The entry fee is £15 from 4 April - 18 May. The entry fee is £20 from 19 May - 4 July.

Entry and benefits: in return for your entry fee Katharine House will supply you with one entry to the event. Additional information and benefits will also be provided including Event information, a runner number, and a t-shirt. This will be available for you to pick up from the Katharine House Charity Shops in Banbury from 4 June 2018. Other benefits including a light snack will be available at the start of the Event and at the discretion of Katharine House. For the avoidance of doubt you are purchasing entry in the Event and any benefits are incidental.

Confirming your place: Your entry to the Event is only secure once you have received an email confirming your place. The email will be sent within 48 hours after completing the online registration form or within 48 hours of receipt of an offline registration form.

Making changes: Subject to availability as outlined below, once this form has been submitted it may be possible to change up until 23 June 2018. No changes can be made after 23 June 2018.

Missing packs and event items: In the event that you do not receive your event pack by email or mail, Katharine House Hospice will immediately re-issue your walker number to ensure that you can still participate in the Midnight Walk.

Right to cancel: You have the legal right to cancel your entry from the time the contract is made until the expiry of the fourteenth day following your entry being made.

Refunds: Refunds will only be made:

  • In the event that the Event is unavoidably cancelled by Katharine House
  • If you exercise your right to cancel and terminate within fourteen days of the date on which you submit this form.

13-17 year olds:

  • An adult must accompany any entrant aged under 18 for the duration of the Event. The guardian of the adolescent must enter into the Event prior to the adolescent entering.
  • Katharine House shall not accept entries for anyone under 13 years of age on 7 July 2018.

Strictly for walkers only: You are not permitted to use any form of propulsion or transport other than walking. Running is not allowed during the event.

Animals: Dogs are very welcome to take part in the Walk with you if you’d like, and we’d love to meet as many of your furry friends as possible! However, as we’re based at an active sports club, dogs are only allowed in the car park areas and can’t be taken in to the registration or warm up areas, or on or near any of the sports pitches (with the exception of guide dogs of course).

Alcohol and smoking: No alcohol is to be brought in the Event site or consumed during the Event. Smoking is not permitted at the event.

Behaviour: By entering the Event you agree to follow the reasonable direction of Katharine House and abide by the rules of the Event which shall be communicated to you from time to time, these include, but are not limited to, time limits, start procedures and timings medical requirements, etc. You will act responsibly and honestly at all times in respect of your participation in the Event and during the time leading up to it, and will not bring through your actions the Event, the Organiser, and if applicable the Charity into disrepute.

Medical information and liability: You are responsible for your own medical condition. If you are in doubt about your ability to take part or finish the Event or you have any medical condition, consult your doctor prior to commencing your exercise programme. Please note that any medical condition declared to Katharine House on your registration form may be shared with St John's Ambulance on the night of the Midnight Walk for your safety. Katharine House does not accept liability for the health of the entrant.

Disabled entrants are welcome to take part, although due to the nature of the Event we ask you to contact the organisers prior to filling in this form as the Event may not be feasible for people with some disabilities.

Sponsorship money raised: You agree to raise a minimum of £30 for Katharine House Hospice. All monies that you raise in connection with the Midnight Walk will be held on trust for us and therefore must be passed to us. We ask that you do this as soon as practicable after the event. Details about how to pay in your money are provided in your information pack.

Equipment: Participants are obliged to ensure that they wear appropriate clothing to undertake the walk. Participants will not be allowed to walk unless they are carrying a working torch or head torch.

Liability: All participants, including you, enter this event entirely at their own risk and we, Katharine House, Katharine House employees and volunteers, shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of your participation in the Event except for death or personal injury caused as a result of our negligence or to the extent that any liability cannot be lawfully restricted or excluded by us under applicable law.

Participants' friends and family members who attend the event as supporters or spectators do so entirely at their own risk. We, Katharine House, Katharine House employees and volunteers, shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of their attendance at the Event except for death or personal injury caused as a result of our negligence or to the extent that any liability cannot be lawfully restricted or excluded by us under applicable law.

Termination: This Agreement remains in force until you have paid all money and sponsorship raised in relation to the Midnight Walk. Katharine House may cancel this Agreement at any time if you are in breach of this Agreement.

Complaints: If you have any complaints or queries, please write to Katharine House Hospice, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury OX17 3NL.

Media: The Organiser reserves the right to use photographs or video type footage taken on the Event that may include you for digital marketing, online material, print marketing, and advertising. If you would prefer not to be included in photographs that are used in this way, please let us know.