You're registered for Midnight Walk 2019 and it's almost time for the big night! A big thank you from everyone at Katharine House for your support and for taking part - it's only thanks to you that our Community Nurses can continue to support patients in their homes and in the hospital.

We want you to have a great night and so we've put together the following information to help you prepare and guide you on what to do on the night and to help you prepare in the next couple of weeks.

This year, instead of sending you your walker pack in the post, you can find all the information you need on this page.

What do I need to bring?

  • A waterproof - just in case! We've contacted the weather fairies to ask for good weather, but we all know what the British weather is like!
  • A full water bottle if you have one - we've had lots of bottles of water donated and there will be water points provided along the route, but we’re doing our best to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste, so if you have your own water bottle you'll be helping do your bit.
  • A fully charged mobile phone. The emergency contact number on the night is 07512 690 706.
  • Good, comfortable, worn in walking shoes with good ankle support. Don't forget you'll also need a decent pair of socks to guard against blisters, and stick in some blister plasters for good measure, just in case.

Registration: will open at 7.30pm at Banbury Rugby Club, Oxford Road, Banbury OX15 4AF, and closes at 8.30pm. To register and pick up your walker number you will need to know the name of the person who booked your place as your walker number and registration will be under their name. Please make sure you leave lots of time to register and join in some groovy fun at the start. If you've ordered a t-shirt you'll be able to pick it up on the night, we are not able to let you collect it form the Hospice.

The Route: Please note that although the two walks (10 mile and 6 mile) follow some of the same route, they do split apart at a number of places. Here is your link to maps to the routes so you can familiarise yourself with them. 

Dropping out: If you need to drop out, it's ok, it happens, and it's fine to do so if you're struggling. Please find your nearest marshal. They will arrange for our minibus to pick you up and bring you back to the Rugby Club. If you do decide to leave the route for any reason, please let us know, so that we’re not up in the middle of the night trawling the streets of Banbury looking for you and worrying about what has happened! You can use the emergency number above to call us and let us know.

Dogs: We love our furry friends and welcome them on the walk, especially as the team get to have a stroke and a cuddle! We even have a selection of Midnight Walk 2019 dog scarves available for them on the night. However, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the Rugby Club and we need to ensure that we reflect the Club's wishes. Therefore, if you are bringing your furry friend with you on the walk, they must be picked up from your car or the car park at the start of the walk. 

Personal safety: The event this year is earlier so it will be lighter. However, you will be walking through some quieter areas so please make sure you do not walk alone. Try and keep other walkers within sight at all times and if you become separated from other walkers, please wait at your nearest marshal point and join the walkers behind you. We will have back walkers supporting both routes so you will never be the last walker to the finish.

And finally: we are really looking forward to seeing you in your groovy gear on the 22nd. The brilliant Wendy Warmup (from GymDodgers) has a special 60s-themed warm up in store for you before you start, and she has kindly filmed the routine for you, so you can get practicing. We can't wait to see your Groooooovy moves on the night!