Welcome to the Secondary Schools Santa Relay Challenge resources page. Here we provide you with everything that you will need to help you run your challenge.

The toolkit contains all the resources further down the page, but we've given you links to individual elements should you need more of them.

Schools Santa Relay Challenge toolkit

Toolkit: download the pdf here

Film about the challenge and the work at the hospice

Letter to parents and carers

Letter to parents and carers: download the pdf here

Posters to promote your challenge


Participation poster: download the pdf

Empty belly poster: download the pdf

Good luck poster: download the pdf

Sign-up sheet

Sign-up sheet: download the pdf

Sponsorship form

Sponsorship form: download the pdf

Results page

Results page: download the pdf

Certificate for you to print off for each participating student

Certificate: download the pdf

Social Media Resources

Facebook Post: download

Instagram Post: download

Twitter Post: download

Facebook Cover Photo: download

Twitter Header: download

Online Resources

Website Header: download

Email Header: download

Santa hats

You should have received your hats by the 26 November

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