Corporate Teams – show your support and sign up your company team to the Santa Fun Run

Katharine House wants to inspire companies to encourage their employees to get outdoors, get walking, and get back to a normal life again by signing up a corporate team to the Santa Fun Run on Sunday 5 December. As well as having fun together and getting outdoors again, you'll be helping raise valuable funds to support the work of Katharine House. 

Why we need you

Katharine House has been steadfast during the pandemic. Our teams were here throughout, continuing to support the community in the hospice, in hospital, in care homes, or in their own homes. We became a Covid Response Centre, taking in patients with Covid. We had staff who stayed away from home for 12 weeks in order to continue to work. We were there for the community and now we’re asking you to be there for us.

We need every one of our supporters - our Hospice Heroes - to get out there, get moving, and raise money to help fund our vital hospice services. 

Are you and your colleagues ready to be Hospice Heroes?

The benefits of entering a corporate team in the Santa Fun Run

There are many benefits to entering a corporate team in Katharine House’s Santa Fun Run.

  • Enhance employee morale by doing something fun; teams training and running together have great camaraderie.
  • Achieve goals as a team: setting a team fundraising goal gives everyone something to work towards and builds ownership and collaboration.
  • Bring employees together to work as a team. It’s also the perfect way to put in some ‘out of office’ time together while you’re training and building relationships.
  • It will make you all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing you, as a team, have helped make a difference.
  • Join forces for a common cause, supporting the community in which you work through difficult times and loss.
  • Support employees who have been touched by loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. Santa Fun Run holds a very special place in the hearts of the community as it’s a time and place to reminisce and remember lost loved ones and colleagues in a positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  • Be a leader in supporting hospice care in the community!

Why take part?

After a hard year, as a business community, we are all delighted to be getting back to ‘normal’, whatever normal might mean for us now.

Some people have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home while others have struggled, and yet more have faced the psychological stress of indefinite furlough.

All of us have had to adapt our ways of working, some pivoting their business model completely. Conversations through face masks or via video screen have added to the feeling of distance from one another, impacting staff health and wellbeing.

Whether you are a team of 3 or 300, run for Katharine House on 5 December to show your support for the community and join with us to help fund first-class care for people with life-limiting illnesses.

How do I sign up a corporate team?

It's simple to organise a corporate team and become a Team Captain: please fill in our corporate team form and then we'll get in touch with you to organise for payment of the registration fee and discuss your needs. We ask all corporate teams to raise a minimum of £30 per person (you can choose whether these are individual goals or a collective team goal) on top of the registration fee. This is a fundraising event after all, and what better way to motivate your team than to whip up a bit of competitive spirit :)

We will provide all the materials and guidelines to support you in building a successful Santa Fun Run team. You will then empower and inspire your teammates to raise funds to reach your goal!

Click here for the corporate team form

Could your business offer to pay the registration fees of everyone who signs up? Paying the costs for your team may be eligible for a tax deduction and it shows great commitment to your staff.

Additionally, corporate matching gifts can enhance, motivate and recognise employee fundraising efforts. Can your company offer to match all or part of the sponsorship your team raises?

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