Sometimes an illness can cause physical symptoms.

Symptoms like fatigue, pain, breathlessness, anxiety or nausea can affect your day-to-day life.

Some people experience a variety of symptoms, and others have none at all.

Sometimes symptoms can feel overwhelming and you might feel worried or distressed.

Everyone’s experience is unique, but there is a lot that can be done to minimise them.

How Katharine House Hospice can help you

You might be referred to one of the Katharine House Hospice clinical nurse specialists (CNSs), who will be able to help with your symptoms as they have a wealth of experience in symptom control. This could be a review and adjustment to your medication regime, or perhaps some practical advice around lifestyle that will make life easier for you - perhaps a simple adjustment to your diet or even to your home. Your CNS will work closely with your GP so that your needs are met by all the healthcare team involved in your care. You can then focus on living as well as you possibly can.

Your CNS will spend time talking to you and your close family and getting to know you so they can give you individual and specific support and advice to help control your symptoms and to help you cope with your experiences as they happen.

After they first meet you, or if they are concerned about your symptoms, your CNS will discuss your case with one of the Katharine House doctors at a weekly review meeting.  They may then arrange an outpatient's appointment for a medical review by a palliative care consultant or specialist doctor.