Donating to Katharine House Hospice need not only benefit us – it can benefit you too if you are a taxpayer. Read on for some tax-efficient ways of giving.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid enables charities you support to get extra money on your donation without it costing you a penny more. To make a Gift Aid donation, you must be a UK taxpayer. Your donation is treated as if basic rate income tax had been deducted, which means that Katharine House Hospice can therefore reclaim that tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

For example, on a donation of £10, we can claim £2.50 on Gift Aid, meaning your gift total will be £12.50. Or on a donation of £10,000, we can claim £2,500 in Gift Aid, meaning your gift total will be £12,500.

For us to claim your Gift Aid, we need a declaration from you. If you’re not sure whether we have an up-to-date declaration for you, please complete yours here.

Click here for the Gift Aid declaration form

Payroll giving

An unlimited amount can be contributed to charity via payroll giving. It costs you less to give because your donation is given to charity from your gross salary before any tax is taken off – so you don’t pay tax on it.

Read more in our corporate section about payroll giving.

Giving in your will

If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax you could choose to leave money to charity to reduce the overall amount of tax due from your estate. You could either leave a fixed sum (known as a ‘Pecuniary Legacy’) or part or all of your estate once other gifts have been distributed (known as a ‘Residuary Legacy’).

You can do this through your will, or simply by a declaration to the executors giving instructions which charity/charities, your legacy is to be distributed to. Gifts made to a UK charity in the seven years prior to your death are also covered by the same exemption from Inheritance Tax. 

To find out more about leaving to legacy to Katharine House Hospice, read our page leave a gift in your will.

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