One in three people - people like your employees, customers and suppliers - know someone who has benefited from hospice care. Seeing and hearing about the great 1-2-1 care that people receive at a hospice instils affinity with Katharine House and a desire to give back and help support local hospice care.

By supporting Katharine House, not only will you be making a positive contribution to the community in which your work, and from which you recruit, but you will be actively showing your support of a charity valued by your customers, employees and wider stakeholders.

As a local business, whether large, medium or small, supporting Katharine House Hospice has a number of benefits.

Benefits for your company

There are several benefits for your company should you choose to support your local hospice.

Defining corporate identity

The charitable element of a company can be a cornerstone of its brand showing the world that you are ethical and trustworthy, and that you care about your local community. It can also define a company as different from its competition, which not only aids the brand image but can be an important recruitment tool for attracting top talent to work for you.

Good public relations

Sharing stories of your work with Katharine House can benefit your company on many levels.

  • Visitors to your website can see what activities you are doing.
  • Coverage online and in local media can reinforce to current employees that they made a good job choice
  • It can demonstrate to clients, customers and business partners that the organisation and its leadership team are dedicated to a loved and respected charitable organisation.
  • In many business awards applications there is a question about the company’s CSR practices.

Enhance employee relations

Many people want to volunteer or raise money but can’t find time in their busy lives to do it or may be scared to try an opportunity on their own. Participating in employer-supported fundraising allows employees the opportunity to do things where they don’t feel like they are taking time away from their work or families to help others or trying to squeeze yet another item into their jam-packed schedules.

By working as part of a team, they also gain confidence to try out something new with the support of those around them and they get the chance to do something fun and a bit different.

Team building

When raising money together, employees are able to partner across divisions and work in team environments outside of their direct work groups. People from different departments or offices, who wouldn’t see each other during a typical workday, can work side-by-side to raise money, building relationships and collaborative working practices.

This promotes a greater sense of camaraderie and unity among employees as they work towards a shared mission and common goal.

Employee retention

Giving employees a chance to give back to their communities also helps to instil a sense of pride in themselves and their organisation. They are proud to work for a company that supports philanthropic programs, which can lead to increased loyalty and better retention.

Skills and network development

Coming together on fundraising initiatives to support Katharine House gives a tremendous opportunity to open people up, to push themselves further, to work with people they don't on a day-to-day basis – in a non-hierarchical setting, while also expanding their learning and development and making a real difference.

Next steps

To explore this further, without obligation, please contact our team by emailing [email protected].