Katharine House is exploring ways to ensure that we continue to provide the very best services. The healthcare needs of the community we serve – more than 900 patients and their families every year – are changing, and we want to make sure that the right care is in place at the right time as people in our community live longer with more complex illnesses.

To protect the long-term sustainability of our services, Katharine House is currently considering a potential partnership with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH). Under the proposed partnership, the clinical services provided by Katharine House would transfer to be under the management of OUH.  The hospice would remain at Katharine House, our home for the past 30 years, and Katharine House would remain as a fundraising charity, continuing to raise essential funds to develop our hospice care and meet the growing needs of our community. 

Advantages of the proposed partnership

This would bring a number of advantages.

  • It would protect our clinical services we provide for future patients and their families.
  • Our community would continue to receive the excellent levels of care that they always have.
  • The ten beds in the Inpatient Unit will still be there for those who need to spend time with us.
  • Patients and families would notice no difference in how care is delivered, and would receive the care they currently have from our clinical team.
  • Our Living Well service would continue.
  • We would remain a charity, and would still need the support of our wonderful fundraising community to raise £3 million every year to help continue to develop our hospice care.

Accessing further information

The proposed partnership puts local people first, though we understand that any change means people might have questions or concerns. We have therefore produced a booklet which explains what the partnership would look like in much more detail. You can read that document, Katharine House Hospice, Moving Forward Together, by downloading a pdf here.

Download Moving Forward Together pdf

You can also request a printed copy by emailing [email protected]

Moving Forward Together video

We have also produced a video, where senior hospice and OUH colleagues outline the benefits that working collaboratively together through the proposed partnership would bring.

How to get in touch

If you have comments or questions that you feel aren’t answered, it’s easy to get in touch. Our dedicated email address [email protected] will be regularly monitored, and from which we will also be able to respond to your questions.

Frequently asked questions

We have been asked some questions already, so here are answers to those that have been asked the most often.

Will patients still receive care at Katharine House?

Our building has always been our home, and would remain what it has always been; a caring, welcoming and friendly environment.

Will you be cutting services?

This proposed partnership means that current services would be retained and bed capacity would also remain the same. Katharine House Hospice and OUH are committed to maintaining high quality palliative care services for our community. We are developing a partnership which would allow our journey to progress with stability and confidence, making sure our high levels of care remain accessible to all.

Will Katharine House still need the community to raise funds to support the hospice?

Yes, Katharine House would not be here if it wasn’t for the wonderful support of our local community. This on-going support remains essential in ensuring the work of the hospice, now and into the future.  We simply cannot do what we do without the support of our community and the charity will still need to raise £3 million every year to fund our hospice services. If you wish to donate to Katharine House, please read more about our Christmas Appeal

When is all this likely to happen?

If both the hospice and OUH are in agreement, we hope our clinical services can be transferred to be under the management of OUH in Spring 2021.

What happens next?

At this stage, the proposed partnership is exactly that – something that is proposed, and is now subject to a period of due diligence. This involves both parties, Katharine House and OUH, sharing information on clinical services and governance, staffing, finances and infrastructure. We will be consulting with staff and sharing our plans more widely with our patients, volunteers, supporters and the public. The information gathered in the coming months will allow us to evaluate the proposal in more detail to arrive at the best, most informed decision, which is in the best interests of Katharine House’s beneficiaries.

Katharine House Hospice