Dot has been volunteering for Katharine House since 1998! Here she tells us a little about the different ways she’s supported Katharine House over the past two decades.

 What’s your volunteering role?

We’ve recently been able to start collections again after restrictions were lifted, and it’s been great to get back to some sort of normality. When I can, I volunteer with collections in the local area and I have a few sessions lined up as we head into Christmas. It’s so lovely to hear all the positive comments about the hospice and people are very supportive.

How long have you volunteered at Katharine House?

I first started volunteering for Katharine House back in 1998, originally helping out with admin in the accounts team. At the time I was just looking to get back into an office environment and gain experience, and a friend suggested that Katharine House was looking for volunteers. What I didn’t realise was what a wonderful experience it would be and what a great team I would be working with.

Later, I was employed as an Accounts Assistant until I retired in 2013 – although I carried on volunteering with one role or another. I used to spend lots of weekends at local events running the Katharine House Hospice stall with Pat Brittain. Over the 23 years the stall was running we helped raise £189,000!

What do you like about volunteering at Katharine House?

I like to think that I’m making a difference and that by doing what I can it helps the hospice finances. I’ve got plenty of time and it doesn’t cost me anything to volunteer. It’s also a great way to build confidence.

What would you say to a friend about volunteering here?

One of the things I would say is that you always meet lovely people. When you retire, you suddenly have lots of time on your hands and volunteering makes me feel useful again.

Country walk or city break?

Country walks – down by Adderbury Lakes is lovely.

Dog or cat?

A bit of both. I don’t have pets, but I would choose a dog if I could.

EastEnders or Corrie?

Definitely Corrie! I used to watch EastEnders, but it just seems like everyone is always arguing.

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