We know that you will have questions about our collecting days, so we’ve put together this handy list in the hope that it will answer any concerns you may have.

Why should I collect for Katharine House?

By collecting for Katharine House, you’re helping the hospice to provide vital care and support for people living with life-limiting illnesses. As well as getting involved in your local community, you will be encouraging your community to donate.

One of the lovely things about collecting is that you have the opportunity to meet people, talk to them and hear their stories. Often members of the public will talk about their personal connections to Katharine House, which can be a great reminder of the impact the money you collect could make.

What happens when I arrive at my collection point?

The Katharine House team will be in touch with you closer to the date of your collection to run through the individual details for the day. This will include your meeting point, signing in arrangements and details of how you will receive your collection materials.

What happens at the end of my collection?

All arrangements for your collection will be discussed prior to your collection date with the Katharine House fundraising team. If you do have any questions on the day and need to contact the office please call 01295 816484.

Will I be collecting by myself?

You may find you are collecting on your own or as a pair, it depends on the location and the number of people who volunteer. You will always be asked to stand in a public area with significant ‘footfall’. We don’t ask you to collect door to door.

We try to get as many people as possible for our collections, so we hope you won’t be collecting by yourself – although there’s a chance you might be. If you would prefer not to be by yourself, why not ask a friend or family member to sign up? They should fill in our form below. You can then enjoy collecting together.

Can I bring my friend, child or dog with me?

You’re very welcome to bring someone else along with you. The more people we have supporting us, the more money we can raise together. Please ask them to fill in our form using the link below if they can help.

Children under 16 years of age aren’t allowed to collect money, but they are welcome to join you and keep you company.

Before bringing your dog, please check with us that the collection point is dog friendly.

I have a query that isn't answered here

Should you want to get in touch ahead of the day, please contact us on [email protected] or call 01295 816484.

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