Don’t fancy joining one of our planned events? Already joined up to one and looking for inspiration to reach your fundraising target? Or you simply want to do your own thing? That’s fine, we’re here for you.

A question we are often asked is ‘What do you think we should do to raise money?’

The answer to this is in the name, fundraising should be FUN! You will get the most out of fundraising and raise more money when you're doing something you enjoy and something you know about. So, get your thinking caps on.

Maybe you’re a keen golfer, baker, music lover, dancer, singer, knitter, sewer, crocheter, painter, sculptor, walker, runner, football player, rugby player, or cyclist. Whatever your passion, there’s always a way to turn it into a fundraiser. 

Make a list of everything you like to do and any talents you have. These might be everyday things like walking to work, cooking a slap-up meal for friends and family, or organising your work/school social gatherings. 

You can always add to the list with weird and wacky things that you’ve always fancied doing. Maybe you’re:

  • great at pulling faces: you could organise a gurning competition. 
  • a champion at Dad dancing: you could hold a Dad dancing competition.
  • baked beans obsessed: you could sit in a bath filled with them for a whole day.
  • someone with lots of single friends and colleagues: you could organise a blind date event at your local pub.

You might also find our A-Z of fundraising ideas will give you further inspiration for what you could do.

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Turning your ideas into fundraising

Once you have your list of potential ideas, have a think about how much money you’d like to raise.

Then return to your ideas and think about which ones could help you raise your target. For example, a music event with paid-for tickets will be limited by the capacity of the venue, so how many tickets would you need to sell, and at what price to raise your target? What price do you think people would pay for a ticket?

To help you narrow down your ideas think about:

  • Which would be easier to organise but still make your target?
  • Which ones will be most appealing to your friends, family and colleagues?
  • Could you turn any of them into a challenge to raise sponsorship?

Remember, if you can come up with something different, you’ll capture people’s imagination, and if you can make them laugh and give them a good time, you’ll be quids in.

Two’s company, three’s a ... fundraising group

You don’t have to do it on your own! Ask your friends and family for help, especially if they have good contacts and networks or have some great skills and experience that they could bring to your fundraising. Perhaps you have a friend who has a big following on social media, or someone who is good with designing posters.

The more heads and hands available to pitch in, the more you’ll enjoy it, the easier it will be, and the greater success you’ll have.

Helping you to help yourself - to help us!

We've created the following pages to help you develop the fundraising event of your dreams. Have a good read, but always remember that we're here to help you with any queries.