Graham and his wife June lived in Pinner before moving to Banbury in 2018 to retire. It was in 2017 that Graham was first diagnosed with prostate cancer and initially he responded well to treatment but in November 2020 Graham knew that things didn’t feel quite right.

“After further tests, I found out that my PSA levels had gone from 0.3 to 5 and I was told that the cancer had spread to my bones. January 2021 was the turning point for me, when I started to get chronic pain in my back.

“I arrived at the Katharine House Hospice on 3 November 2021 and by that point I had given up and I was ready to die.”

Graham has suffered from numerous health issues over the last 30 years, including diabetes, high blood pressure and gout. When he arrived at the hospice he was on 20 different types of medication.

“I believed it was the cancer making me feel so unwell but with hindsight, it was the mixture of drugs. The clinical staff at Katharine House immediately assessed my medication and made drastic changes, which improved the way I felt almost instantly. I no longer suffer with diabetes or high blood pressure.”

Graham was also really impressed with how well the hospice worked in conjunction with the Horton General and Churchill Hospitals.

“Everything is logged on computer and my personal health data is all stored in one place, which makes your experience within the health system so much easier. People shouldn’t be scared to give their information to doctors and nurses as this information is all stored safely and it’s used to ensure you get the right treatment you need.”

Graham’s wife June is also being supported every step of the way. June said: “Whenever Graham is having a bad day, the nurses know and I leave the hospice feeling upset and emotional. Before I leave, the staff always check to make sure I’m okay and they even give me a call when I get home to see how I am. Their support has been fantastic.”

Graham and June sadly lost their son Philip to bowel cancer in 2009 when he was just 25 years old. He never had the opportunity to receive hospice care, unlike Graham.

“The Katharine House Hospice is love. Genuine and perfect love. My quality of life is renewed and I am a new man forming. I still have my emotional days, but now I am a ‘happy chappie’.  Today is a good day. It’s the best day in the last two weeks. I am off the drip, I have my appetite back and, most importantly, my pain relief is working and I am no longer disabled by pain.”

Since sharing his story with us, Graham died peacefully in March 2022.

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