Make a difference to local families

Your gift in your will can ensure our local community receives compassionate care and support from Katharine House for years to come.

We know that your first priority when making a will is to provide for your family and loved ones, but many people find that they can also leave something to the charities that they are passionate about. Leaving a gift in your will to Katharine House Hospice is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can make a difference to local families facing life-limiting illness. You might also want to leave a legacy gift in memory of a loved one who is no longer with us.

Every year around 800 people living with illnesses like cancer, heart failure and motor neurone disease receive individualised care from Katharine House. We also work with other healthcare professionals and provide education on end-of-life care.

“My family and I, will be eternally grateful for all that Katharine House did for us. They made the worst of situations just that little bit easier to bear. I shudder to think what Al and I would have gone through had the charity not been there for us.”

Demand for our services is greater than ever before. More people are being diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses, and they are living longer with them. We know there are more people who need our help, and we need your support more than ever. Three-quarters of our funding comes from people like you, as well as local businesses and trusts and foundations – we only receive a quarter of our funding from the Government.

Make a Will Week

There's no better time to make or amend your will than during our annual Make a Will Week in October when local solicitors and will writers kindly agree to waive their fees for writing or amending a basic will. Instead, we ask you to make a donation to Katharine House in recognition of the time and expertise provided by your chosen solicitor or will writer. 

Please come back to this page to find out more about our participating solicitors and will writers later in 2022.

Be a part of our future

A gift in your will could help local people receive support from Katharine House for years to come and provide care for even more families who need us.

Gifts in wills are vital to our funding and come in all shapes and sizes, big and small - with gifts ranging from £200 to £20,000. You might like to leave 1% of your estate, or 100%, or anything left over after other gifts have been made. Whatever you decide to leave, we will always ensure that the funds you have generously left to us are spent carefully and responsibly to help people in their most difficult times.

“Our family will never forget what the hospice did for our dad and how you ‘gave him back to us’ for the end of his life. We had lost him the two weeks before his admission and we were at the point of feeling lost and as if we were failing him at home. You took that physical burden and you gave us the strength to face the end as a family. You gave back a proud man with integrity, his dignity that had been cruelly stolen by his disease. You gave our family hope, friendship and a feeling of never-ending gratitude and some memories we may never have had without you.”

Request more information

We are grateful to you for thinking of leaving Katharine House Hospice a gift in your will and playing a part in the future of our community.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch with our Legacies Manager, Sarah Meads, for a confidential chat on 01295 816 484 or email [email protected]

“Thank you seems so inadequate after all you have done. From the moment she arrived she felt secure and what a privilege to spend her final time there. The gardens, care and kindness were what she needed. We all felt comfortable being at the hospice and your care extended to us all”

Katharine House Hospice