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Remembering Katharine House in your will is a very special way of making sure the local community can receive care and support for years to come. A gift of just a small percentage of your estate could help make every moment matter for patients facing their final weeks and days of life. Whatever you decide to leave, we will make sure your legacy gift is used carefully and responsibly to help people at the most difficult times.

“Every gift left in a will helps me and other nurses and doctors provide compassionate care to patients and their families.” Helen, Head of inpatient Unit

After making sure your loved ones are looked after in your will, please consider leaving a gift in memory of someone who has been cared for at Katharine House or because you would like to help families living in our local community.

“My husband Quentin received exceptional care from Katharine House. I want to repay the kindness by leaving a gift in my will.” Lindsey, Katharine House supporter and trustee

Find out more about how a gift in your will could help Katharine House by downloading our legacy brochure.

Download our legacy brochure

Did you know?

If you make a gift in your will to charity that is at least 10% of your net estate, the rate of inheritance tax due on the taxable part of the estate is reduced from 40% to 36%.

A gift of 10% can leave the same amount available to your other beneficiaries as one of 4%.

But bear in mind that any gift greater than 4% but less than 10% results in your beneficiaries receiving less money than they would have done if the gift was for 10%.

See also our article on writing a will and why you should use a solicitor in the EPiC Resource Centre.

If you would like further information, please get in touch by calling 01295 816484 or emailing [email protected].

Katharine House Make a Will Fortnight

Each autumn, local solicitors offer appointments to make or amend wills in return for a donation to Katharine House. If you wish to make your will, consider waiting until October 2024 and doing it then to support Katharine House. We'll have more information on the website about Make a Will Fortnight 2024 nearer the time.

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