People coming to terms with the news of a terminal diagnosis now have access to a one-stop shop of answers after Katharine House Hospice launched an innovative online resource centre.

Katharine House Hospice has created the End-of-life and Palliative Care (EPiC) Resource Centre on its website to answer pressing questions that patients, loved ones or the wider community might have about living with an incurable illness.

Funded by Cleenol, a long-time supporter of the hospice, the Resource Centre is a collaboration between expert research writers, clinical staff and service leads from across the hospice, which provides practical and helpful information to support everyone who is learning to live with an end-of-life diagnosis or is grieving following a bereavement.

Featuring explanatory guides, downloadable PDFs and signposting to specialist organisations, the resources are being launched to coincide with Hospice UK’s Dying Matters Week, which aims to encourage communities across the country to come together to talk about death, dying and grief.

"It is a phenomenal source of information for anyone who feels that they might want to understand more about palliative care." Victoria Bradley, Clinical Lead Consultant

A comprehensive range of subjects are covered, including symptom management, claiming benefits, how to access care, information for employers, what to expect when someone is dying, dealing with grief and prioritising wellbeing.

Victoria Bradley, Clinical Lead Consultant at Katharine House Hospice, said: "We know that most people who visit our website are looking for information about the hospice and the likelihood is they have many questions about palliative care. We wanted to ensure there was a place they could get all of their questions answered, even ones they didn’t know they had.

"We are so excited about the new Resource Centre that the team at Katharine House have built. It is a phenomenal source of information for anyone who feels that they might want to understand more about palliative care, either to demystify issues around death and dying, or because it has become topical for themselves or a loved one.

"As a clinician, it is great to have something at our fingertips that we can share with all of you and it has been a privilege to work with the team to create this."

The project was made possible by the financial support of Cleenol. CEO Sam Greaves said: "Having supported Katharine House Hospice since its inception, we are delighted to be able to support the expansion of the support and advice they provide. I believe as a business leader, it is part of our responsibility to give back to the local community in which we operate, and the hospice has for so long provided support to the area and also to the extended Cleenol family that the portal was an obvious extension to our ongoing commitment to Katharine House."

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