A message from Molly, age 9

Ronnie's granddaughter Molly took part in the Santa Fun Run last year in memory of her nana. She wanted to share a special message with you about this year's event:

Last year I ran the Santa Fun Run with my family and it was so much fun! It was hard and muddy but really exciting doing it with lots of Santas. Our legs got tired quickly, but we managed to do it with a little help from everyone cheering us on. We finally finished and celebrated with a nice chocolate bar from the coffee van.

We ran for our Nana Ronnie who was the best Nana in the world - she would have laughed so much seeing us doing the run all dressed up!

Ronnies Reindeers

Nana Ronnie went to Katharine House for two weeks. It was a very sad time for us but it was also nice as all the nurses really looked after us as they knew we were upset.

One day one of the lovely nurses talked to us about Nana and what was happening and gave us some knitted toy cats to help us remember her. All the grandkids got one and we all love our 'nana cats'.

We hope to see lots of Santas this year :)

Please sign up for the Santa Fun Run on 1 December and help raise vital funds to support people like Ronnie.

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