13 April 2022

As part of our commitment to creating a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), we’re delighted to welcome Nicole Satullo as our EDI project officer. Nicole began work in January 2022, after Katharine House secured a grant from Hospice UK with funding from the Masonic Charitable Foundation Hospice Grant programme.

With her background in public health, social work and health equity, Nicole’s work will include analysing our patient, staff, volunteer and community data to determine what additional outreach we can conduct to ensure we are providing quality hospice care to all who need it within our catchment area.

Outreach efforts will then be extended to reach underserved communities – an area of cutting-edge work across hospices throughout the UK.

Nicole said: "I am really excited about the project both for myself and for Katharine House. While I have been in EDI roles before, I have never done so on the palliative care side, so that is new and really stimulating. It is also at such an interesting time in Katharine House’s development as an organisation with the partnership with OUH, so this is a great time to look at how we are serving our community and make sure that the quality hospice care Katharine House provides is available and inclusive of all who need it.

“Katharine House is in such a lovely location, and I have really loved meeting so many dedicated staff members passionate about hospice care, some of whom have been here from early days. It is really inspiring to talk to people who have found their true calling in life and it just shows through so much as they talk about their work.”

Nicole lives in Bicester with her partner and 18-month-old toddler. They have been in Oxfordshire for nearly five years. She is originally from Massachusetts in the United States.

If you have thoughts on how we can better serve everyone within our community or make connections with potentially under-served groups, please contact Nicole at [email protected].

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