More than 150 people have registered for our annual fundraising event, the Midnight Walk. In light of the COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been redesigned to encourage everyone to walk wherever they like and whenever they like between 10 and 19 September. 

Among the many supporters of the event there is one particular group of women who are putting their all into fundraising for us. Jane Gillett said:

“We're walking in memory of my amazing sister-in-law and dear friend Ingrid Chandler, who passed away in March. Her last three weeks were spent at the hospice, which gave Ingrid and her family and friends time together, knowing she was receiving the best care and pain relief. Her husband Chris stayed by her side the whole time, visitors were always welcomed and she even enjoyed her last gin and tonic in the hospice! Memories can still be made even in the saddest of times. Katharine House enabled this and the staff were incredible and offered support in every way.” 

Ingrid Chandler (left) and Jane Gillett at the Moonwalk fundraising event for breast cancer.

Ingrid was part of a group of friends, together with Jane, who call themselves the Barry White Fanclub. Ingrid’s friend Annette Barclay-Goddard explained why: 

“'Our' Barry White Fanclub is a circle of friends whose friendships span over 25 years. 'My First, My Last, My Everything' soon became our anthem thanks to a local DJ whose dance floor we would frequent on a Wednesday night as we met up to let our hair down and enjoy some fun times together. Not only have we partied, holidayed and fundraised together, we have also shared tears and heartbreak as we faced some dark times that life has thrown our way - not least the death of our incredibly courageous, strong and amazing friend Ingrid. 

“Her feisty nature matched her red hair and her resilience was simply incredible. Always thinking of others, she paid us all individual visits in January dropping off cards and flowers, thanking us all for our friendship and support. In the weeks leading up to her death, Ingrid was moved to Katharine House Hospice where we were all able to visit her to say our goodbyes and let her know how loved she is. What an amazing place Katharine House is, with the most incredible and compassionate people looking after the welfare of its patients in the darkest of times.”

Jane and Annette and the rest of the Barry White Fanclub will be celebrating Ingrid’s life by completing their six-mile challenge on 16 September, ending up at Ingrid’s house. So far, they have raised a wonderful £5,600, which is enough to support the hospice’s entire 10 bedded in-patient unit for a day, but they’re not stopping there. If you wish to contribute to their efforts, here's a link to their fundraising page on JustGiving

Justine Williams, Director of Fundraising and Communications, said: 

“The hospice is so grateful for the incredible efforts that everyone who has registered for our Midnight Walk Reimagined so far, is putting into their fundraising. We rely upon the support from our community to raise three-quarters of the money it takes to run the charity each year. We literally couldn’t do it without you.”

To ensure everyone can take part, there’s no registration fee this year, but we're asking everyone to raise a minimum £45 in sponsorship funds. Walks can be at any time from 10 September to midnight on 19 September and can be completed all in one go or a bit at a time. It’s your walk, you decide!

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