Get creative and find ways to let everyone know about your event. Use posters, social media, word-of-mouth and emails to invite as many people as you can! 

Online promotion

  • Set up an event on social media and invite all of your friends to attend it so it’s in their diary, and ask them all to invite five friends each to the event. 
  • Set up a fundraising page to accept online donations through one of the online platforms like (see below).
  • Share your event and your fundraising page on social media. Ask your friends to repost it on theirs too.
  • Post your event on any village or community websites and social media groups that you’re a member of too.

If you’re raising money to support us in memory of someone you’ve lost, why not set up an online tribute page. You can post stories, favourite pictures, videos, music and memories. You can even light a candle and leave a thought at special times of the year, and you can link your tribute to your fundraising page. Please make sure you tell us the name of your event on your tribute page.

Setting up your fundraising page on JustGiving

When setting up your fundraising page, please only use JustGiving as this helps us to save time and money spent on administration.

How to set up your page

  • Go to the Katharine House fundraising page on JustGiving.
  • Select the blue ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner.
  • Either log into JustGiving (if you haven't already) or set up an account.
  • Select ‘Taking part in an event’ and then the name of the event you’re taking part in.
  • Please use the same name for your online fundraising page as you used to register for the walk or include your name in the title of your page. This will help us with our administration.

JustGiving has lots of helpful information on their website about setting up and managing your fundraising. This includes useful ideas for your page, such as adding:

  • any money you’ve raised offline to your page, so that all your supporters can see how much you’ve raised.
  • a team name to your page so you that if you're taking part in an event with friends, family or colleagues, you can see your combined total in one place.

Offline promotion

  • Get the word out and advertise your event wherever you can – the local shop, staff or community noticeboard, or even your car window! 
  • Contact your local newspaper, village magazine, any local newsletters you know of, and tell them what you’re doing. You may be able to get them to include something about your event and, if it’s the local paper, provide them with a lovely cheesy photo - papers love a photo.
  • Download our sponsorship form and take it with you wherever you go!

But most of all, make sure everyone is aware that you are fundraising for Katharine House. 

Remember to tag us into your posts on social media with #MakeEveryMomentMatter, so we can repost and share your events.

Tip: think very carefully before you add a contact email or phone number to any promotional material. Do you really want these in the public domain?

Ticketed events

If you’re holding an event for which you need to sell tickets, you could try using one of the online ticketing sites such as or Please be aware that these sites will deduct a fee for transactions, which you will need to account for in your ticket price.

Alternatively, you can sell tickets through friends - the personal touch is often the best way to sell tickets.

Contact the fundraising team at Katharine House

Let us know what you’re planning and we can give you support and advice to make your fundraising go with a bang. We have resources to help you promote your event, so please fill in this form to register your event and one of our fundraising team will get in touch with you. You can also reach us by emailing [email protected].

Register your event 

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