Get creative and find ways to let everyone know about your event or activity. Use posters, social media, word-of-mouth and emails to invite or tell as many people
as you can!

Promoting your event offline

Get the word out and advertise your event wherever you can – the local shops, staff or community noticeboards, or even your car window! 

Contact your local newspaper, village magazine, any local newsletters you know of, and tell them what you’re doing. You may be able to get them to include something about your event and, if it’s the local paper, provide them with a lovely cheesy photo - papers love a photo.

How to send a press release

  1. Download our supporter's press release template and fill in the parts in red.
  2. Take/find a photo and use our top tips on how to take a press photo.
  3. Send to the local press:

Download our sponsorship form and take it with you wherever you go!

Promoting your event online

Our top tips for promoting your event online include:

  • Set up an event on social media and invite all of your friends to attend it so it’s in their diary, and ask them all to invite five friends each to the event.
  • Set up a fundraising page to accept online donations through one of the online platforms like JustGiving (see our page on setting up a JustGiving fundraising page and top tips on using it).
  • Share your event and your fundraising page on social media. Ask your friends to repost it on theirs too.
    Post your event on any village or community websites and social media groups that you’re a member of too.

If you’re raising money to support us in memory of someone you’ve lost, share your story, your memories and favourite pictures on your JustGiving page.

But most of all, make sure everyone is aware that you are fundraising for Katharine House; including us!

Tell us about your event

If you would like your event to be included on our supporters events page, please share information with us using the form linked to in the button below.

Tell us about your event form

Protect yourself

Think very carefully before you add a contact email or phone number to any promotional material. Are you happy to have these in the public domain.

Use social media tags

Remember to tag us into your posts on social media. We may then repost to share your event.

If you send us info after your event, including an estimate of how much you raised and a photo of what you did, we may share it on our social media channels and in our newsletters and magazines.

Ticketed events

If you’re holding an event for which you need to sell tickets, you could use one of the online ticketing sites such as Eventbrite or The Little Box Office.

If you use an external ticketing site, please be aware that these sites will deduct a fee for transactions, which you will need to account for in your ticket price.

Alternatively, if you are solely raising money for Katharine House we might be able to add your event to the What’s On listings on our website. To find out more, email us at [email protected].

Don't forget to sell tickets through friends too - the personal touch is often the best way to promote your event and get those tickets sold!

Say thank you!

Remember to say thank you to those who have supported your fundraising. Keep them updated with how it’s going and let them know how much you were able to raise.

Let us know what you’re planning

We’d love to hear more about your fundraising plans. Our team can support you to make your event the best it can be. Please fill in our form following the button below and one of our fundraising team members will get back in touch with you.

Tell us about your event

The fundraising team at Katharine House can provide templates and belly posters to help you with your promotion.

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