• Name:  Hannah Graham
  • Job title: Living Well Nurse Co-ordinator
  • Joined the team: December 2022

How did you get into your role and come to work for Katharine House?

Before training to become a nurse I did work experience in the day hospice and then became a volunteer through my student years.  After several years nursing in different departments, I came across the Living Well position and was immediately excited about the opportunity to return.

What’s a typical day like?

The day starts like most, with catching up on administrative tasks! We then get ready for the sessions as a team with setting up the room and have a discussion regarding who is expected to come in that day. During the sessions I often take the opportunity to routinely catch up with attendees or have one-to-ones if anything has come up in the week. The afternoon is usually spent following up with anything that has come up in the day, in meetings, writing notes or planning for the rest of the week.

What do you wish people knew about hospice care?

I wish more people knew that there is more to a hospice than end-of-life care. There are a huge range of service – including Living Well, lymphoedema specialist nurses, occupational therapists, physios, social workers – that can help to support people and their families through their diagnosis and ongoing care. 

How does it feel to work for the hospice?

It is a workplace like no other in the NHS. I hugely value having the time and space to get to really know a person and their life rather than the focus being around their illness.

What makes Katharine House so special?

The people. Whether you meet a volunteer, clinical staff or Emma the CEO, everyone who works in and supports the hospice puts their heart and soul into making the place feel welcoming and a safe place to be you.

Now for some quick-fire questions…

If I had to sum up my role in one sentence, I’d say: I have one of the nicest jobs in nursing.

The best thing about my job is: getting to meet so many lovely and interesting people

My highlight since joining Katharine House is: when we had an afternoon tea celebration and our patients and volunteers all got stuck-in with different aspects of the planning and creation of the day to make it such an enjoyable event.

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: Lake Louise in Canada.

My all-time greatest song is: An ABBA medley is always great.

People are often surprised when I tell them: that I’m running a marathon next year.

My idea of a perfect day is: a dog walk on the beach and then reading my book undisturbed.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: nothing good ever happens after 2am!

My proudest moment was: doing a reading at my friends’ wedding.

When I’m not at work, you will probably find me: with my dog – they are without a doubt the best animals.

My all-time favourite film is: 10 Things I Hate About You.

I’m currently listening to: the Off Menu podcast. My favourite thing to eat is a veggie lasagne followed by my favourite dessert, tiramisu. 

If I had one superpower, it would be: to talk to animals. It would come in handy with my dog.

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want: suncream!