Coming to terms with the loss of someone close is difficult. The feelings you may be experiencing are completely normal, but you don’t need to feel alone in coping.

Things just aren’t the same when you lose someone you care about, and everyone copes with loss and expresses grief differently. You might find that daily tasks become more difficult, or that you can’t concentrate for as long as you could because you’re thinking about everything that is happening or has happened. In these situations it’s difficult – but still vital – to make sure you’re supported and are able to look after your own wellbeing.

If you are worried, unsure, or just think you need to offload your feelings and want to talk confidentially to someone who can help you come to terms with your feelings, or you just want to talk things through with someone honestly and openly, our trained volunteer bereavement support workers will always try to meet your needs through a relationship that is built on trust. They will listen, support, and offer advice however they can.

It’s important that you feel comfortable. Each member of our team has been specifically trained and DBS checked. They are always professional, sensitive, and confidential, and will discuss the best ways to support you. You can either come to see us at the hospice, or we can visit you in your own home if you prefer.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help support you, please call or email Mel Mobley, Bereavement and Counselling Lead, on 01295 811 866 or email [email protected]