Our Inpatient area has ten beds, arranged in two spacious four bedded bays (men and women have separate accommodation), and four “family” rooms which each have an extra bed for a family member to stay if they would like and their own private bathrooms. Although it’s not always possible, we will offer you a choice of bed if we can.

When you stay with us we’ll always work to ensure that your individual needs are addressed. Our professional team, led by consultants in palliative medicine and specialist nurses, will support you with whatever problems or worries you may have. You can involve your family in discussions and decisions about your care if you would like and we will support your family while you are here.

People come into the inpatient unit for a variety of reasons:

  • You might have physical symptoms which have been difficult to control such as pain, nausea, or breathlessness. Our team might make changes to your medication to help manage this and the effects can be closely monitored whilst you are on the ward.
  • You might need emotional or spiritual support, and our team will advise, support and help you manage these.
  • You may come to us for end of life care if you would prefer not to die at home. We will provide supportive care which is sensitive to the needs of you and your loved ones.

Your Clinical Community Nurse Specialist or your GP can talk to you about whether a stay in our inpatient unit may be helpful for you.

We know that many people are worried about visiting Katharine House for the first time because they don't know what to expect or have preconceptions about what a hospice is like. Our aim is to combine a relaxed and informal atmosphere with individualised, specialist care, both for patients and their family and friends.

Many people are surprised when they come in to Katharine House for the first time. Our inpatient area is warm and homely, our staff do not wear a uniform, and we encourage you to make your space your own with photographs or other personal belongings. There is television and Wi-Fi available and family and friends are welcome to visit at any time. Children are always welcome too. We have a small playroom for children if they'd like to use this.