Say hello to our Supporter Care Officer Hannah! As a much-loved member of our Supporter Care team, Hannah is always on hand to help with fundraising enquiries and offer advice about community events. Hannah told us about the favourite part of her job, her love of pizza and what she’d buy if she won the lottery. 

  • Name: Hannah Timms 
  • Job title: Supporter Care Officer
  • Joined the team: January 2020 

If I had to sum up my role in one sentence, I’d say: I’m on the front line of fundraising, supporting members of our community to fundraise for us.  

The best thing about my job is: seeing the best in humanity. There are so many people in the local community doing so many wonderful things to support Katharine House every single day – and it’s a privilege to be a part of that! I’m also lucky to work with a brilliant bunch of people who are passionate about fundraising. 

My highlight since joining KHH is:  meeting our supporters at our events and putting names to faces. It’s really moving watching so many people to come out in force to support Katharine House and never fails to make me a bit teary. 

If I won the lottery, I would buy: a dog shelter where I could bring as many dogs to safety as possible. A holiday home in Pembrokeshire would be nice too! 

People are often surprised when I tell them: I’m a huge fan of Neighbours, in particular the actor Alan Fletcher who plays Karl Kennedy. I’ve met him many times and even located his house on a visit to Australia. So far, I’ve dodged a restraining order!  

My idea of a perfect day is: an outdoor adventure by the coast with my husband and our dogs, then takeaway pizza and cuddles with them on the sofa. 

My favourite thing to eat is: pizza, without question. Closely followed by Dairy Milk chocolate.  

I never miss an episode of: Neighbours … until it came to an end of course! Now I’m waiting patiently for it to return later this year. I also love a gritty drama, the darker the better.  

Without doubt, the best animals are: dogs. I grew up with one and have always liked them. When I met my husband, I fell in love with his dog before I fell in love with him! We now have two amazing rescue dogs and our lives revolve around them.