Here at Living Well, we have made the following suggestions to help you stay active. Exercising, however big or small, makes you feel good. Most importantly, discover a physical activity you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.

Be active through Living Well

Katharine House Hospice physiotherapist

You can find a feature in every issue of our Newsletter from our physiotherapist Hannah. She explores a different theme each time, such as gentle exercise routines, managing anxiety, mindful breathing and relaxation. 

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Join a pre-recorded exercise class with Hannah our physiotherapist

Be active through online resources

General exercise

Breathlessness: St Christopher’s Hospice have developed a set of four videos designed to give advice on managing breathlessness.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have devised a guide to incorporating activity/exercise into your daily routine.

Macmillan offer advice on physical activity for people with cancer.

Make movement your mission: three daily movement 'snacks' lasting between 10 and15 minutes and designed to reach those people who are isolated and shielded and not able to get outdoors. They are also designed with those people in mind who aren't able to join in or keep up safely with the online 'copy me' exercise videos that are available. The videos can be found on Facebook (you will need to join the group) or YouTube.

NHS exercise resource: these exercises are designed for people aged 65 and over with links. Note this is not condition specific and designed as a general resource. It's suitable for people who can navigate through a website. 

Royal Voluntary Service brings you the Virtual Village Hall, offering gentle dance classes and seated exercise and Pilates.

Tai Chi: seated Tai Chi suitable for anyone and particularly those new to Tai Chi taught by a physiotherapist. Note: there is a section where touching of the face is included so be mindful of washing hands prior to this.

Other Five Ways to Wellbeing resources