Now you’ve put in all that hard work and you’ve reached your target, you might be able to increase your fundraising without any extra work. 

Gift Aid

If your supporters are UK taxpayers and their donation is totally voluntary, i.e. it’s a donation and not payment for an event ticket or a raffle ticket, they can add 25% to their donation at no extra cost to them. This really makes a big difference, so please make sure your UK tax-paying donors fill in their details on your sponsorship form and agree to Gift Aid processing on your fundraising page. 

Matched Giving

Lots of companies operate Matched Giving schemes that could potentially double the amount of money you raise. Find out if your employer operates such a scheme, and if they’ll match what you raise. Remind them that it’s tax efficient for them and that it benefits Katharine House.

If they are able to match your fundraising, don’t forget to let us know so that we can look out for their contribution and match it up to your fundraising records. We may also need to provide them with a letter confirming how much you’ve raised.

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