It's not all about asking for sponsorship.

With the cost-of-living crisis, it may be more difficult to raise your sponsorship – so we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to share with you to help you get to your minimum sponsorship.

Guess the Elf's name

Raise at least half of your minimum sponsorship with our ‘Guess the Elf’s’ name, which you can download here. Players have the chance to win £15!

  • Choose the Elf’s name (but don’t tell anyone!).
  • Charge your players £2 to choose a name from the sheet, note their details on the back of the sheet and cross the Elf’s name off your sheet.
  • Once you’ve crossed off all the Elf names, you’ve made £30. Announce the winner in person, online or via email and award the winner with half of your takings. They win £15 and you’ve covered half of your minimum sponsorship. Simple!  

Care for a Cuppa?

Who doesn't like cake? Hold a Care for a Cuppa event at your workplace or maybe just with family and friends to raise a few extra pennies. It's a sure-fire way to shift your fundraising into the next gear and help you raise your minimum sponsorship while eating cake!

Our Care for a Cuppa resources are available for all our Santa Fun Runners. Register for a pack and just let us know that you're a Santa Fun Runner in the 'Where are you hosting the event?' box when you sign up.

Want more inspiration to raise your minimum sponsorship?