Welcome to our Care for a Cuppa fundraising kit, where you’ll find everything that you knead to host an absolutely delicious event. 

Care for a Cuppa Fundraising Pack 

  • We guide you through the steps of hosting a delicious Care for a Cuppa event.  
  • Get ideas for different types of event, whether you’re hosting at home, at school, at work or somewhere else.
  • Find out how to pay in your fundraising.
  • Get hold of the best chocolate fridge cake recipe ever.
  • And more!

Download your Care for a Cuppa pack

Other resources to download

Promote your Care for a Cuppa event with our belly poster! 

Download the Care for a Cuppa belly poster

Invite your friends and family with our Care for a Cuppa invitations


Download your invitations

Let people know what you’ve baked with our stand-up labels and flags! 

Download your labels and flags

Other useful resources

However you choose to run your Care for a Cuppa event and whatever size it is, we hope that you have a fine old time. If you have any queries, please get in touch via [email protected].