Welcome to our Open Gardens supporters kit where you will find everything that you need to help you with your Open Gardens event.

Download your Open Gardens participation pack

Our participation pack includes everything you will need to know if you're opening (or considering opening) your garden for Katharine House Hospice. It includes information about:

  • how we can support you with your Open Garden event
  • tips for promoting your Open Garden
  • safety checklist
  • bookings for your Open Garden event
  • event resources order list
  • event terms and conditions
  • providing food at your event.

Download your Open Gardens pack

Downloadable Open Garden poster

Download the Open Garden poster

Downloadable Open Garden welcome and safety poster

Download the welcome poster

Downloadable Open Garden scavenger hunt

Download the scavenger hunt sheet

Public liability insurance

We are able to extend our public liability insurance to garden owners hosting an Open Garden event in support of Katharine House Hospice.

Other website pages to help you make the most of your Open Garden event

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Read our patient and family stories

Be in no doubt as to the value that your fundraising brings to Katharine House Hospice. We can’t thank you enough for however many pounds and pennies you will raise for us. Click on the link below to visit stories from our patients and their families.

Read our patient and family stories

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