When someone is diagnosed with an incurable illness, they are often looked after by family members at home rather than professional carers. If you are caring for someone at home, you might have to look after many aspects of their life, from planning and handling money to managing their symptoms, and knowing where to turn in an emergency.

It’s easy for people to forget or overlook the fact that you’re working hard to look after someone in extraordinary circumstances. We believe looking after you and making sure you are supported is just as important as looking after the person with the illness.

Carers' Support Group

Why not try our Carers' Support Group, which provides an opportunity for you to chat with other carers and share experiences and enjoy some time out? 

The Carers' Support Group is open to carers of anyone with an incurable illness who is registered with a GP within our catchment area.

If you would like to join us, please see our the referral information on our Living Well service page.

Living Well at Katharine House

We know that when you’re affected by a serious illness you will have your own wellbeing and support needs, whether you’re a patient, carer, family member or someone who has experienced a bereavement. The Living Well service at Katharine House is here to support you during such a time of change and need.

Read more about the services we offer and learn about the different Living Well groups that you could join.

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