When someone is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, they are often looked after by family members at home rather than professional carers. If you are caring for someone at home, you might have to look after many aspects of their life, from planning and handling money to managing their symptoms, and knowing where to turn in an emergency.

It’s easy for people to forget or overlook the fact that you’re working so hard to look after someone else in extraordinary circumstances, but we believe looking after you and making sure you are supported is just as important as looking after the person with the illness.

If you’re caring for someone and think you need some additional support we can help you identify your needs by using a Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool. You may find it helpful to attend one of our Carer Support Groups, and we also run a small outpatient service where you can have complementary therapies such as a massage.

How to get support

If you think you need more support or would like to find out more, please contact Mel Mobley, Senior Day Hospice Nurse, on 01295 811 866.