We have dates for Open Gardens 2021!

We have some very generous supporters opening their gardens for us this summer. At present we have the following dates with links to individual pages for gardens where we have more details. We'll be adding to these over the coming weeks. Please come back to find out more.

Are you interested in opening your garden for Katharine House? 

We are very grateful to the many gardeners and supporters who have made Open Gardens for Katharine House such a success over the years and raised a significant sum for the hospice. 

Please consider opening your garden to raise money and make every moment matter for local families living with a life-limiting illness. We are here to support and help guide you through the process and keep your event COVID-secure. 

Some of our supporters have had great success with a garden trail around their village. If you think this could work in your village, we're here to help you.

Choose any date between now and September 2022!

We're getting super organised and looking forward to Open Gardens for Katharine House 2022 as well as this year. So if you think that 2022 would suit you better, we'd be very interested to discuss the possibilities with you.

An individual or several village gardens considering opening for Katharine House can pick any date between now and 30 September 2022 (weekends are best). Additional features, like plant sales and refreshments, can also help to enhance your event.  

How we can help you

We offer:

  • support and guidance 
  • publicity via our website, Facebook and other social media channels 
  • a participant pack with information about preparing to open a garden for Katharine House – this includes checklists, risk assessments and specific information in relation to COVID-19
  • resources to help make the event successful, such as digital donation methods via a QR or text code, collecting tins/buckets, balloons, disposable plastic Katharine House banners, local signage/posters. 

We can also support you with a booking system on our website to manage the number of visitors in your garden at any one time, should you find that helpful during this summer.

If you're interested in opening your garden for us, please complete the form linked to below and a member of our fundraising team will get back to you. 

Click here for the Open Gardens form