Please join us to remember loved ones and friends no longer with us at one of our special services led by our hospice chaplains.

May you know

the light of those 

who comfort and hold you,

and may this light

go with you from this resting place

on your journey.

Blessing from Lights of Love service

Lights of Love remembrance services at Christmas time

Our annual Lights of Love services usually take place every Christmas in Banbury and Brackley. In 2020, however, we offered a different way to remember loved ones because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. On Tuesday 15 December, we streamed a special Lights of Love service that was filmed at the hospice. There was also an opportunity to write a dedication to a loved one on our Lights of Love dedications page. Both the video and the dedication page are still available.

Time to Remember services at Katharine House

These services are held every three months at the hospice chapel. These are invitation events for next of kin or a significant person affected by the death of a loved one cared for by Katharine House.