Celebrate a loved one's memory through a personal tribute

Now, more than ever, you may find comfort in creating a special tribute page in memory of your loved one to share with family and friends. 

We have partnered with MuchLoved to bring you these special pages. These can be set up in moments. You can then use your page to: 

  • add photos, video, and stories 
  • mark anniversaries by lighting a virtual candle  
  • collect tribute donations 
  • add thoughts to a private journal.

Friends and family who visit the page can also: 

  • give donations 
  • send messages and photos  
  • light virtual candles 
  • add events, and much more ….

Your tribute page will just take a few minutes to set up by clicking on the link below, which will take you directly to the Katharine House Hospice page on the MuchLoved website. From here you will need to provide the first name and surname of your loved one together with your email address, from which you can then activate your tribute page.  

Watch this MuchLoved testimonial video before you get started.

 Create your tribute page

Tribute page FAQs

Who can set up a tribute page?  

Anyone can set up a tribute page, but we would advise that it is done in agreement with or in the knowledge of the loved one’s family. 

Can anyone access my page? 

You can choose to set your page to private or as visible to friends and family. We do usually recommend you allow public access so that relatives and friends can view and contribute to the page. This then makes it a shared memorial space.   

How do I share my page? 

You can email the link to friends and family, and you can also share it via social media.  

What can I do once my page is set up and friends and family have been notified? 

It is up to you how active you keep your page. You may wish to upload your favourite photographs and videos, post comments and light virtual candles in memory of your loved one. 

Do people have to give a donation in order to add a message to the page? 

No, a donation is optional. 

How long will my tribute page stay open for? 

Your page will remain open for as long as you like. 

Who are MuchLoved? 

MuchLoved is the UK's leading online tribute charity, where you can remember someone special and fundraise in their memory. Founded in 2007, they work in partnership with over 6,500 UK charities and good causes, and 2,000 funeral businesses. To date they have raised over £130 million for charities across the country. 

If you would like help to create your tribute page, please give us a call on 01295 816484 or email [email protected].